4 Things to Look For in TIG Welding Gloves

4 Things to Look For in TIG Welding Gloves

Finding a safe and comfortable pair of TIG welding gloves is made easy using the following tips.


TIG Welding is all about precision. As with many styles of welding, wearing the wrong gloves can be very unsafe and impact the user's touch and quality of the weld. Read on to find out how to find the perfect TIG welding glove.

1. Touch Is Key


TIG welding requires a light touch and attention to detail; so bulky, ungainly gloves will seriously limit your ability to correctly weld. Before purchasing your welding gloves, try them on and test out the feel. Make sure they have a snug fit and allow for a full range of movement through the fingers. If the gloves restrict movement and limit the touch in the fingertips, then they aren’t the right gloves for the job.


2.  Look For Fit and Comfort


Welding without gloves can be very dangerous. A comfortable set of gloves is a must and is best achieved by ensuring gloves fit correctly. Again, a snug fit is crucial to allow proper hand motions while on the job. Soft, durable material like goatskin leather will also serve to increase comfort without compromising on safety.

3. Select The Appropriate Gauntlet Length


TIG Welding may not create slag and splatter the way that MIG and other types of welding do, but it is still important to have the right gauntlet length for the job. A short 279mm length with meet the needs of most TIG Welding jobs, but Elliotts also offer a 380mm length gauntlet for those rare jobs that do require the additional protection.


4. Never Compromise on Quality


Goat Skin Leather is great for TIG welding. This durable material can take the heat without catching fire, and quality leather will stand the test of time. TIG typically won’t generate as much heat as other welding styles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get hot.


A goatskin leather glove is thin enough to maintain dexterity and tough enough to protect your hands from heat transfer.  Elliotts creates its TIG Welding gloves using top quality pig and goatskin leather to offer its customers the best protection.


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