Impact Resistant Hand Protection – What You Need To Know

Impact Resistant Hand Protection – What You Need To Know

Reliable Hand Protection Against Impact Injuries   

Protecting your hand can be much more than protecting your palm from risks such as cuts and abrasions. In some industries, protecting the back of the hand from impacts smashes and crushing is just as important.   


Where Impact Injuries Occur

Injuries to the top of the hand are very common in industries such as Oil and Gas and Mining, but the risk is common in many manual handling situations.


Working with hazardous tools such as tongs, wrenches, winches, and wire ropes as well as building materials such as bricks and timber, machinery, or equipment, especially in confined spaces, are all applications where there is a risk of impact, smashed and crushing. 


Elliotts’ K-Guard® Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) Exoskeleton is like ‘armour’ for the top of your hand, providing metacarpal, knuckle and finger protection. The soft TPR components of the exoskeleton are engineered to provide padding and reduce the force of impact transmitted to the hand.


Impact Protection – AS/NZS 2161.3:2020 and EN388:2016 Certification


EN388: 2016 Impact Protection Standard for Hand GlovesImpact verification was added to EN388 certification in 2016 and is now in AS/NZS 2161.3:2020. The test method is taken from the motorcycle standard EN 13594:2015. The area where the impact protection is claimed to be tested, but due to technical reasons, the area around the fingers cannot be tested.


With impact energy of 5 joules, the transmitted force should be equal to or less than 9kN for a single hit and the average should be equal to or less than 7kN. If the requirements are fulfilled, the glove will be marked with a P (Pass). If a fail, there will be no marking. 


Mec-Flex Oiler Range


Elliotts’ Mex-Flex Performance gloves are designed to provide task-specific multi-faceted hand protection in complex and harsh workplace environments. All of the Elliotts Mec-Flex Oiler range have PASSED EN388:2016 Impact Testing.


All of the Oiler gloves have:

  • A high-visibility two-way form-fitting stretch spandex on the back of the hand to increase ventilation, fit, and comfort
  • The K-Guard® TPR back of hand exoskeleton to absorb impact
  • 60mm Neoprene cuff for added wrist and forearm protection
  • Ergonomically design form-fitting 3-dimensional pattern


Mec-Flex® Oiler LX CR


The Mec-Flex® Oiler LX offers the combination of a 360-degree Dynamax® Cut Level 5 and TDM Level F protection on the palm, back of the hand and all finger walls. The glove also has a soft and durable goat leather palm.


Mec-Flex® Oiler Pro CRMec-Flex Oiler Pro Cut Resistant Gloves


The Mex-Flex® Oiler Pro offers the next level of protection in the Oiler Series, incorporating Hyde-Tech Grip palm which is a specifically-formulated non-slip silicone grip pattern that gives you the highest levels of grip and Abrasion, Cut and Tear resistance. The Mec-Flex® Oiler Pro CR offers the combination of 360-degree Dynamax® Cut Level 5 and TDM Level F cut protection on the palm, back of the hand, and all finger walls.


Mex-Flex® Oiler


Mec-Flex Oiler Mechanics GlovesThe Mex-Flex® Oiler is the all-rounder glove for the Oil & Gas and Mining industries, offering exceptional top-of-hand and finger protection with a palm design offering grip, high tear, and excellent abrasion resistance. This glove features the Hyde-Tex DX Synthetic leather impregnated with raised PVC dots for enhanced grip and improved durability on the other palm layer and a Hyde-Tex 70 Synthetic leather palm base layer.


With hand and wrist injuries being the most common work-related injury, it is easy to see why choosing the right hand protection is so important.


At Elliotts, we provide a range of certified safety gloves and other equipment. If you'd like to learn about our safety products or need some expert advice on which safety gear to get for your needs, feel free to contact us. We would love to assist you! Call us on 07 3265 2944 or send us a message.