Two Companies Who Have Worked Together for Almost 50 Years

Two Companies Who Have Worked Together for Almost 50 Years

Allens’ History


Allens Industrial Products Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s top specialist suppliers of industrial safety equipment; they also work with industrial workwear, cleaning products, and asbestos removal products.


They were first in business in 1972, starting as Allen Agencies, a very humble safety supply business, founded and run by the late Ray Allen.


In 1978, Phillip Allen and his brother Craig joined their Dad’s business and changed the company name to Allen Protective Products Pty Ltd. After twenty years of success, the company was sold in 1998, as the brothers entered a new stage in their lives.


In 2000 Philip Allen, his wife Jenny, and eldest son Trent founded Allens Industrial Products Pty Ltd. A couple of years later their other two sons joined the family business and new products were added to their line. In 2007, Phillip and Jenny decide to retire and now the company is fully owned by their three sons Trent, Travis, and Tyson Allen – the third generation of Allen boys.



Allens-Elliotts Relationship


Allens have been a distributor for Elliotts products for many years – since Phillip ran Allen Protective Products and Trent was a little boy.


Phillip Allen believes the companies’ successful business relationship over so many years is due to the values they share. These companies are both family businesses that ensure they have the best people working with them and taking care of their customers, “We stick with Elliotts because like us they are a second-generation family business who pick really good people to look after us,” he says.



Trent and Phillip Allen with Liz and Anthony Elliott



Trent believes the personal touch a family-owner-operated business provides customers is what leads them towards success – the feeling that the owners value each and every customer and remember them is what keeps customers coming back. “When I was young I would go and pick up jackets from Dick Elliott at Elliotts’ original site in Nundah. I always remember him as a really big broad guy who made time for everyone.”


Phillip Allen describes Elliotts as “the default people for anything welding and they know their stuff.” He appreciates and commends the PPE manufacturer for expanding their activities into other areas over the years – with great success, “we’re proud to be associated with them” says Mr. Allen.


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