Elliotts is always moving forward

Elliotts is always moving forward

Elliotts Australia - Always Innovating To Provide You The Best Safety Products


Over the last 50 years, Elliotts has manufactured many different products, although there have only been a select few that have lasted the test of time.



Proban Welding Jackets


Elliotts longest standing product is the Proban FR Cotton Welding Jacket range, introduced to the Australian market in the late 1970s. Proban finally offered our customers an alternative to traditional leather. While we had designed various kinds of leather garments to help reduce weight and improve comfort, we knew welders were looking for more, something cooler and lighter that still offered protection.



PVC Raincoats


Another long-existing product is Elliotts PVC raincoats. Since the invention of PVC clothing (Polyvinyl Chloride - commonly known as Vinyl or Plastic) in the 1920s, it has been a popular product in fashion and rainwear. Elliotts added PVC rainwear to its growing list of products in the 1970s and even today Elliotts continues to sell a range of PVC Wet Weather Coats and Trousers.



Zetel ArcSafe Rainwear


However, to be successful, a company must move with the times and take advantage of technological advantages as they arise. Following our mantra of “Innovation is at the front and centre of what we do”, in the early 2000s we developed the Zetel Arcsafe Rainwear range.





This range was developed after we discovered that workers in the electrical industry were often exposed to hazardous and potentially dangerous workplace conditions whilst working in the rain. Our Zetel Arcsafe Wet Weather range offers increased hazard-specific protection whilst still being highly visible, waterproof, windproof, and flame resistant. As a result of our innovation, Elliotts now provides Australia’s leading solution for the protection of workers against electric arc flash in wet weather conditions.



We Never Stop Innovating!


We continue to be innovative and challenge the status quo. We listen to our customers, identifying their problems and creating solutions. We never stop looking for the most innovative products and processes, because anything is possible! We are always asking what’s next?


Do you want to learn more about our range of safety products or are you looking for expert advice on getting the right safety gear for your needs? Feel free to get in contact with us at Elliotts Australia. We would be glad to assist you! Call us on 07 3265 2944 or send us a message through our Contact page.

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