Selecting the Perfect Welding Gloves

Selecting the Perfect Welding Gloves

Considerations in Selecting a Perfect Pair of Welding Gloves

When handling any welding job, a reliable and comfortable pair of welding gloves is essential. At Elliotts, we have crafted a range of welding gloves, customised to meet the requirements of any task. When selecting the perfect welding gloves for you, there are various factors that must be considered. To make your life easier, you can find the top four deciding factors below:


1. Flexibility


 Due to the precise nature of many welding jobs, we understand that complete flexibility is essential in a pair of welding gloves. Whether you are handling large objects and require a firm grip, or lifting finer items that mustn’t be damaged, Elliotts welding gloves are crafted to allow for full dexterity when needed, without sacrificing comfort. Stick and MIG Welding Gloves are usually fully lined, focusing more on comfort and safety over dexterity, as these jobs do not usually require high levels of flexibility. If you require high levels of dexterity and feel, our TIG gloves are unlined. With unlined palms, TIG gloves allow for maximum dexterity and tactile sensitivity.


2. Comfort


As welding gloves are a continuous investment for welders, it is essential that the gloves you choose not only perform well but feel as comfortable as possible. We ensure this is possible by using only the highest quality leathers and linings. All of our gloves are lined with 100% woven cotton in the cuff area, allowing for maximum comfort and breathability. The 100% cotton jersey lining, used in the palm/hand area of many of our welding gloves, is both gentle and protective on your hands.

Another factor that can greatly affect the comfort of your gloves is glove sizing. At Elliott's, we recognise that no two pairs of hands are exactly alike. By selecting a “one-size-fits-all” glove option, you risk hindering your performance, flexibility, and your comfort. To ensure maximum comfort and performance, we have crafted a range of sizes and fits, based on specific measurements. While Stick and MIG gloves sizes are usually more generous, allowing for gloves to be removed quickly if need be, TIG gloves are more snug fitting, allowing for high levels of dexterity and feel. The majority of our gloves are available in sizes small to 2XL. By using our online guide, you can safely identify and order the perfect size for you.


3. Durability


As your gloves are a significant investment, we understand that longevity is essential. By using tough but supple leather when crafting our gloves, we ensure that they are able to withstand the elements and the test of time. To further enhance the resilience of our gloves, Elliotts gloves have welted seams. Welting is the thin layer of leather that is sewn between two layers of material, generally used to protect vulnerable seams. This additional layer defends the seam and improves the longevity of the gloves.


Elliotts Kevlar Blue gloves also feature reinforced with additional layers of material in high wear or high heat areas, such as the palm, thumb crutch, knuckle, and fingertips. This ensures that your gloves won’t wear down with time and activity.


For added durability, you may forgo standard cotton sewing thread and opt for Kevlar® (Para-aramid) thread, which is heat resistant and significantly stronger than cotton. All of Elliotts’ welding gloves are sewn with Kevlar® thread, allowing our gloves to be durable beyond compare.


4. Heat Resistance and Protection


The most crucial ability of a welding glove is its heat resistance and protectiveness. The high-quality materials we use, along with the welted seams and lining, ensure that your hands are 100% protected from the extreme elements that you work with on a daily basis. Our MIG and Stick gloves are fully lined to provide an additional 360 degrees heat resistance and are usually 406mm or 16" in length to ensure full forearm protection from spatter and dross. Elliotts also offers the Big Red, Kevlar Blue and Leftie in XT or extended versions if full arm protection up to the shoulder is required.


TIG Welding gloves are usually shorter, 12" or 279mm, and have less lining, as the TIG welding process does not produce as much spatter and dross as Stick and MIG. Elliotts also offer the TigMate range, in a 14" or 380mm length. For even further protection, we offer glove savers which may be slipped over the welding glove to provide additional heat protection. The rear of the glove saver is made of an aluminised material, offering excellent radiant heat protection. To provide even further fortification, the palm is made of leather, protecting your hands from heat, cuts, abrasion, and splatters.


For more information on our range of welding gloves, see our welding gloves page, or if you want to see our entire range of welding safety gear, visit To enquire about our safety products, please get in touch with us through our contact page or call us on 07 3265 2944.


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