Pick the perfect fitting NENS09 products, first try!

Pick the perfect fitting NENS09 products, first try!

Guide To Picking The Right FR Clothing


It is a common misconception that flame-resistant (FR) clothing is only worn by firefighters or the petroleum industry. Flame-resistant clothing is vital to many industries, not just those directly affected by fire.


FR clothing ensures that workers reduce their risk of being affected by a long-term burn injury. Complacency can sometimes be the bigger risk of a workplace injury, regardless of the industry, or the known result of an injury. Take arc flashes for example. Although workers are well aware of what an Arc Flash can do to the human body, over 2,000 people are sent to burn units each year.



The Elliotts NENS09 Measuring Guide


The Elliotts NENS09 measuring guide will help you and your workers find the perfect fitting clothing, to ensure you are not another statistic.


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