Heat Stress and Arc Rated PPE

Heat Stress and Arc Rated PPE

Preventing Heat Stress at Work & Choosing the Right Arc Flash PPE   


Working in the Australian heat in combination with the heat of working in a confined space, like those often associated with electrical repair works, means that workers have a higher chance of developing heat stress, dehydration, or even heat stroke.


Heat stress is not only a health hazard but it also creates a greater risk for accidents, since workers are less alert and may not be able to think clearly. It is important to be aware of how you, as either an employer or worker, can lower the risk of heat stress as it can affect both health and productivity. 



What is Heat Stress?


ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Switching CoatHeat stress occurs when the body’s natural cooling processes fail to effectively regulate body temperature. Signs of heat stress can include fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, flu-like symptoms, cramping, dizziness, rash from excessive sweating, fainting, and more.



How Can You Prevent Heat Stress?


To ensure you are staying safe and productive in an intense work environment, consider implementing these things:


1.  Plan your day and take frequent rest breaks as required

2.  Keep up your energy levels

3.  Stay hydrated

4.  Ensure airflow – by wearing appropriate Arc Rated PPE



What PPE Should You Wear?


Elliotts' new Arc Flash PPE suits are designed to be breathable, comfortable, and mobile without sacrificing safety. We have Arc Rated PPE to see whatever CAT level you need, to ensure complete protection from heat stress and any risk your work environment may throw at you.


⦿   The X50 Range: CAT 4/CAL Rating 52

⦿   The T40 Range: CAT 4/CAL Rating 40

⦿   The T9 Range: CAT 2/CAL Rating 9


Elliotts have added ‘arc vents’ to generate more airflow in our X50 range hoods. This range is ideal for hot conditions and wicks moisture away from the body improving wearer comfort. These innovative designs offer a greater range of movement and improved comfort levels. 



Why Should You Choose Elliotts?


Elliotts’ Arc Rated PPE helps to reduce the risk of heat stress instead of contributing to it. Elliotts manufactures and customises a large range of industry-specific Arc Flash Arc Rated Protective Clothing for the Australasian Market. There are many brands of Arc Flash or Switching clothing being imported into Australia that are produced in either the USA or Europe. Elliotts Arc Flash Protective Clothing is manufactured in Australia for Australasian conditions.


Elliotts’ quality Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are proven on-the-job every day. These reliable and popular products are part of a comprehensive range that evolved over time and is based on the common foundation of quality and care for which the company has built its reputation.


Want to know more about the Arc Flash X50 Range? Request a technical pack from our sales team – Contact us today! Call us on 07 3265 2944 or send us a message.


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