Our new ArcFit 14™ Face Shield

Our new ArcFit 14™ Face Shield

Design and Features of the ArcFit 14 Face Shield


The new design features a unique low-profile chin protector, providing increased comfort and extended protection for a greater range of head movement, mobility, and field of view.  The new face shield also includes dual-sided anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for long service life and clear vision even in extreme temperatures and features a 55% VLT (visible light transmission) capability.

Levels of Protection



Keeping with Elliott’s promise of providing the highest quality of safety wear, the ArcSafe ArcFit 14™ face shield meets the Short Circuit ARC Class 2 rating to GS-ET 29:2011-05 and 14 cal/cm2 rating to ASTM F2178 for use in NFPA 70E-2015 for PPE Category 1 and 2 protection levels.


The proprietary polycarbonate shield is designed with special spectral absorbers, meeting ANSI and EN166 high mass and high-speed velocity test requirements, and provides a 99.9% absorbency of harmful UV A, B, and C, 180-380 nm.

Provides Better Comfort and Protection



The ArcFit 14™ Face Shield is another fantastic development in the PPE sector, with the unique low-profile chin protector giving workers across all industries better comfort and protection while working under tough conditions and importantly also keeping them safe from serious injury.


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