Introducing the Mec-Flex Utility Gold Mechanics Gloves

Introducing the Mec-Flex Utility Gold Mechanics Gloves

Comfortable and Durable Ergonomically Designed Mechanics' Safety Glove Line



The Mec-Flex Utility Gold Mechanics Gloves offer the durability of a leather riggers glove with soft but durable goatskin grain leather. Manufactured using the best materials for workplace safety, both the Mec-Flex Utility Gold and Mec-Flex Utility Gold C5 360 (with additional 360° Dynamax Cut level 5 protection) gloves feature a breathable Spandex back-of-hand. No matter your industry, the Mec-Flex Utility Gold will provide you with workplace protection and practicality.



Ergonomically Designed


Poorly designed gloves force workers to compensate in ways that can place unnecessary stress on their muscles and joints. Mec-Flex Utility Gold gloves are ergonomically designed using form-fitting 3-dimensional patterns to better fit the contours of the hands and are manufactured using the best materials to offer the protection required for that specific application and workplace conditions. With workers in mind all throughout the design process, Mec-Flex Utility Gold offers effective, task-specific gloves that provide protection and practicality in the workplace.

Mec-Flex Utility Gold Gloves

Mec-Flex High Vis Utility Gold Gloves



Key Features

Mec-Flex Utility Gold gloves are designed to provide multi-faceted hand protection in complex and harsh workplace environments – without compromising on dexterity and comfort. The ‘cut and sewn’ style of the gloves enable them to offer a range of the best materials. Both the Mec-Flex Utility Gold and the Mec-Flex Utility Gold C5 360 feature reinforced finger wear points as well as two-way Spandex on the back of the hand for increased ventilation, fit, and comfort. Neoprene cuffs featuring ‘Hook and Loop’ pull tabs allow for a secure fit and eliminate the risk of debris entering the glove, while the Kevlar stitched palm design adds extra durability.


From ergonomic design and high-performance materials to task-specific reinforcements and protection, the Mec-Flex Utility Gold gloves are specifically manufactured to allow you to confidently do your work knowing you’re protected from the risks you encounter each day.




When it comes to workplace health and safety, Elliotts doesn’t take risks. Mec-Flex Utility Gold gloves are independently certified to AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Occupational protective gloves – Protection against mechanical risks.


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