Protection Fits Like a Glove: Choosing the Perfect Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

Protection Fits Like a Glove: Choosing the Perfect Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

Extreme heat can be many workers’ bread-and-(melted)-butter, but it should never be underestimated. Proper safety precautions, such as PPE, are essential to avoid injury. Here at Elliotts, we offer a wide range of contact heat-resistant gloves and radiant heat-resistant gloves, each perfectly suited for different types of danger. No matter what type of heat hazard you deal with in your workplace, we have a product for your situation.


How to Choose a Glove Style


Not every type of heat resistance is built for the same context. Some gloves are better for long contact with heat, while others are designed to handle boiling liquids. Choosing the right type is important and, to help you keep safe, we’ve designed this simple checklist to consider:


 What type of heat are you dealing with?

-       Contact heat?

o   Will you be in direct contact with the hazard?

-       Convective heat?

o   Will the air around the hazard be hot?

-       Radiant heat?

o   Will you be very close to the hazard?

-       Molten metal splash protection?

o   Is molten metal being poured?

 o   Is there a possibility of spills?

-       Moist heat?

o   Is the hazard a liquid?

o   Is the hazard covered in liquid?


What level of heat are you dealing with?


-       Temperature of the environment?

-       Temperature of tools/equipment/handled items?


 What other elements require protection?


-       Handling abrasive materials?

-       Handling blades/sharp objects?

-       Handling items that could tear the glove?

-       Handling objects that can puncture the glove?


What are the conditions?


-       What are the tasks?

-       What tools/equipment are being handled and for how long?

-       What level of dexterity is needed?

-       How long are you working for?

 -       What other protection do you need to wear?

-       How long should the protection be?

o   Do you need forearms covered?


Elliotts have been designing, creating, and producing specialised gloves for over 50 years. We are constantly keeping an eye out for new and better techniques, all while improving our own unique products. We also prioritise exceeding Australian and International Safety Standards. Every one of our designs has been independently tested for effectiveness and, wherever possible, is certified internationally.


If you still have any doubts or questions about your choice in gloves, please get in contact with us at Elliotts. Not only are we experts, but we are able to use specialised thermal equipment to measure heat levels at your workplace. Call us on 07 3265 2944 or send us a message through our Contact page.


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