Boost Your Protection with XT Gloves and Glove Savers

Boost Your Protection with XT Gloves and Glove Savers

Welding Gloves That Can Provide Extra Protection


Do you require additional protection for your next welding job? At Elliotts, we know that sometimes you need just a little bit more, so in response to this need, we have devised two different ways, to further protect yourself and/or your workers: XT gloves, and Glove Savers.


XT Gloves


When dealing with hot welding substances, defence from the spatter and dross is required. In this case, the industry standards 406mm glove leaves your upper aum unprotected, which can lead to ruining your shirts or worse, personal injury. With our XT range of welding gloves, you can experience full arm protection, all the way up to the shoulder (680mm). To ensure your peace of mind, all of our XT gloves are classified as type A welding gloves and are fully certified by SAI Global to AS/NZS standards, providing protection against mechanical or thermal risks, such as fire or heat.

Kevlar® Blue XT

The Kevlar® Blue Welding Gloves offer more protection than ever before with the addition of an XT style glove. Our Kevlar® Blue XT gloves are manufactured from soft, premium, selected butt leather, with additional leather reinforcement covering the palm and thumb area, and are lined with 100% cotton. For further protection, an extra reinforcing knuckle bar strip protects the back of the hand. To ensure longevity, the seams are sewn with heat-resistant Kevlar® thread and are welted for additional protection.

Big Red® XT

Our trusty Big Red® XT gloves are crafted from supple, quality A Grade butt leather, and are fully lined with 100% cotton, to improve heat protection and manage perspiration.  Wear seams are sewn with Kevlar® thread and are welted for additional protection.

Lefties XT


Our Lefties® XT glove is the newest addition to our XT range, and are ideal for welding situations when the left-handed gloves wear out faster than the right. When a pair of Lefties® XT gloves is purchased, the buyer receives two fully lined 680mm left-handed gloves. These are fashioned from quality green butt leather and are lined with 100% cotton, to improve heat protection, and allow for breathability. Once again, all seams are sewn with Kevlar® thread, for extra durability, and welted for further protection.

Glove Savers


Already have great gloves, and just require a boost in fortification, to ensure the longevity of your gloves? A Glove Saver is designed to do just what its name says: save your gloves. They slip over existing gloves to provide additional heat protection when required. By wearing a Glove Saver, you provide additional radiant heat protection to the back of the hand, as well as additional abrasion and wear protection to the palm area. Available in both left and right-hand fit, the Glove Saver comes in a standard style, and now in two new specialised styles:

Reinforced Glove Saver


The rear of the Reinforced Glove Saver is made of an aluminised material which offers excellent radiant heat protection, and the palm is made of leather, for additional abrasion protection and durability. This glove also features a chrome leather palm and a practical cut-off thumb.

High Heat Glove Saver


The High Heat Glove Saver provides extra protection against thermal risks, with its double-layered back, woven Kevlar outer layer, and aluminised Preox inner layer. Additionally, this glove has a cut-off thumb and a chrome leather palm.


For more information on both our XT Gloves and our Glove Savers, contact us today, at 07 3265 2944, or use our Contact Form, to request our current glove brochure.


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