Firefighting - Introduction


Elliotts' Firefighting Apparel


With over half a century of experience in crafting top-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Elliotts has consistently stood as a beacon of safety in dynamic environments. Today, we emphasise the paramount importance of firefighting protective clothing in preserving the lives and well-being of our courageous firefighters. These specialized garments are the front line of defence against the extreme heat, flames, and smoke encountered in the line of duty, reflecting our unwavering commitment to ensuring that those who protect our communities have the best protection available.


Wildlands Firefighting Apparel


It's Elliotts' recommendation that a wildland firefighter's protective clothing should be comfortable, breathable, lightweight, highly visible, allow the wearer to move freely, and offer overall protection in the hazardous fire-fighting environment.


Wildland protective clothing is designed to be worn during bushfires or wildland firefighting and associated activities. It is not intended to provide protection during fire entrapment. Wildland fire fighting involves work primarily in hot summer temperatures, for many hours in which the firefighter may develop high levels of metabolic heat.


Consequently, the protective clothing should be light, flexible, and commensurate with the risks to which the firefighter may be exposed in order to be effective. Wildland clothing should be designed to not only protect but also assist in managing metabolic heat. It must assist in keeping the firefighter cool, by allowing body heat to escape.


Structural Firefighting Apparel


Elliotts has been manufacturing protective clothing for firefighters for over 30 years. Structural firefighting protective clothing, sometimes referred to as Turnout  Gear or Bunker Gear has come a long way since the first garments we made from wool.


Today Elliotts' range of Protective Clothing for Firefighters incorporates the latest in fabric technologies and we are constantly re-designing garments to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our firefighter's protective clothing is designed to be comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and highly visible, whilst allowing the wearer to move freely.


Protection is at the core of what we stand for and we want to make sure that you're always protected as well as you can possibly be, especially when at work. To help you make the choice of selecting the right protective gear, we have provided a reference centre with detailed information to help you understand the materials, designs and standards involved with today's market.


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