Did You Know – What is Modacrylic?

Did You Know – What is Modacrylic?

Modacrylic and Its Uses


Modacrylic is a word that is most commonly used when discussing FR Workwear and Clothing.


Did you know that our Tecasafe Plus FR Workwear is constructed from a tri-blend that is 48% modacrylic? Did you know that this is one of the reasons why Tecasafe Plus is a soft, lightweight fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear whilst providing the end user with superior inherent FR protection?

What Is Modacrylic Fibre?


Modacrylic fibres are widely used in high-performance protective clothing. It is the key ingredient that protects our firefighters from severe burns. In its simplest form, modacrylic is modified acrylic fibres made from 85% synthetic polymer and 35% acrylonitriles. In combination, modacrylic is a synthetic copolymer that is inherently flame-resistant. Although it burns when directly exposed to flame, it doesn’t melt or drip and is self-extinguishing when the flame is removed. Modacrylics also have outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents, are not attacked by moths or mildew, and are non-allergenic.



What Is Modacrylic Fibre Used For?


Modacrylics are used by the most technical fabric producers, to obtain comfortable and protective blends, to produce PPE. Modacrylics are used primarily in applications where environmental or flame resistance is necessary or required. The fibre has the ability to combine flame retardancy with a relatively low density, meaning protective gear is not uncomfortably heavy.



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