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FR Cotton and Proban

PROBAN Flame Resistance

Welders are regularly exposed to the hazards of moving traffic, moving plants, or equipment on worksites and where required must conform to the mandatory requirements for high-visibility clothing.

Adding high visibility garments such as a vest over a welding jacket is not a suitable solution as it can be lost, is harder to enforce, and most importantly can potentially ignite due to most high visibility fabrics being highly flammable.


Elliotts range of High Visibility Welding jackets solves that problem. One garment gives the protection you need from the hazards of welding and also provides you with day or day/night high visibility protection.

The High Vis Range is made from Proban® and is ideal for light to medium welding protection or where high temperatures, heat stress, and/or humidity are workplace hazards. Proban® Welding Apparel is focused on providing lightweight, cool, and comfortable protection for welders.




Wakatac® Welding Apparel is the leading brand of FR Cotton Welding Apparel. By utilising the unique Wakatac® Proban® and ergonomic designs, comfort and protection are guaranteed.

The Wakatac® range of Proban® Welding Apparel is focused on providing lightweight, cool, and comfortable protection for welders. The Wakatac® Proban® is ideal for lighter welding applications, as well as potential heat stress caused by hot and humid conditions. The extensive range covers most kinds of welding operations, even when working at heights where you need to wear a safety harness.


The Blue Max® range of welding apparel is made from a Flame Retardant (FR) Cotton. Blue Max® is ideal for light to medium welding protection or when high temperatures and/or humidity are a workplace hazard.

The Blue Max® FR Cotton is focused on providing lightweight, cool, and comfortable protection for welders.


BIG RED Leather

Elliotts Big Red® welders apparel uses soft, premium, selected red butt Big Red® leather, which is extremely durable, flame resistant, and offers excellent protection from welding spatter and dross. Leather is extremely strong wearing and protects your workwear not only from the hazards of welding but also abrasion, fluids, and general wear and tear.

For heavy-duty welding protection, Big Red® continues to set the standard of high-quality, long-lasting products in the industry.




All Golden Chief® leather welding apparel has been made using carefully selected Golden Chief® Leather.


Golden Chief® Pigskin Leather is chrome-tanned to assure softness and durability while resisting heat, sparks, slag, and cuts. Pig Skin leather is lighter in weight compared to traditional cow split leather. Pig Skin is known for its resilience, holding up well against abrasion, staying pliable with wear, and better withstanding stiffening after exposure to moisture. Pig Skin offers the greatest breathability due to the porous texture of its hide which also becomes softer with use.

All Golden Chief® leather welding apparel seams are lock-stitched and sewn with heat-resistant aramid thread for extra durability and strength. For medium to heavy-duty welding protection, Golden Chief® sets a high standard for style and protection.



Chrome Leather


Elliotts Blue Max® chrome leather offers a good balance of durability, abrasion resistance, and pliability. This value for money and leather offers good comfort levels and good overall performance.

Our chrome leather range is one of the most comprehensive ranges available for welders. We protect all parts of your body with various hoods, caps and napes, jackets, sleeves, trousers and chaps, knee pads and spats and leggings.




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