Foundry Protection - Introduction


Elliotts are Recognised as Experts in Foundry Protective Clothing

Elliotts has been designing and manufacturing protective clothing for foundry workers since the 1960s. With an Australian-based Design and Development Team we are constantly creating new and bespoke garments utilising the latest in fabric technologies from around the world. If one of our standard products does not suit your needs, we can design and manufacture a bespoke garment that provides the protection you need.


Testing to International Standards

Foundries are very hazardous environments where protective clothing can mean the difference between keeping your workers safe, or potentially exposing them to serious injury or death with untested clothing. Is your protective clothing up to standard?


Elliotts is committed to providing the best protective solutions that meet and exceed international industry standards. We have invested in testing our products externally by an independent test house to ensure our products are manufactured to meet the requirements of relevant Australian or International standards where possible.


Specialist Safety Advice

Our experienced Regional Managers can visit your site and assist in identifying what type of protection is the most suitable for your specific circumstances. We can provide sample materials if required for you to conduct your own tests to help you select the most suitable fabric combinations. 


Bespoke or Modified Aluminised and Non-Aluminised Garments

Customising and modifying garments is a specialty of Elliotts. In many foundry environments, customised or modified garments are a necessity, not a luxury. We can provide sample materials if required for you to conduct your own tests to ensure the fabric or combination of fabrics will perform to your requirements. Our design and development team can then provide a bespoke or custom-designed garment to meet your specific requirements. We will work closely with you to add features to our standard designs or to create a completely new design that meets your specific requirements. 


Protection is at the core of what we stand for and we want to make sure that you're always protected as well as you can possibly be, especially when at work. To help you make the choice of selecting the right foundry protection easier, we have provided a reference centre with detailed information to help you understand the materials, designs and standards involved with today's market. If you can't determine what you need, call us! We have a team of foundry experts that will help you find what you need.





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