Chemical Splash Protection - Introduction


Chem-Tech® Chemical Splash Protective Clothing


At Elliotts, we emphasise the crucial significance of chemical splash protective clothing in shielding workers from potentially life-threatening chemical hazards. These specialised garments ensure that those who work with or around hazardous chemicals are equipped with the highest level of protection available in the market.


Elliotts' Chem-Tech® Chemical Splash Protective Clothing features a breathable hydrophilic PTFE laminate, meaning that it is made from a high-performance, high-quality 5-layer breathable fabric manufactured specifically for the requirements of chemical splash protection.


High levels of comfort and protection


The Chem-Tech® range of fabrics allows vapour to transfer through the fabric while preventing liquid penetration by a variety of chemicals. Chem-Tech® Chemical Splash Protective Clothing allows the body to ‘breathe’, so your perspiration can evaporate reducing the possibility of heat stress and therefore improving wear comfort.


The Chem-Tech® breathable chemical splash fabric has been tested to ISO-11092 for water vapour resistance. Water vapour resistance measures the ability of textile fabrics to transfer body heat and moisture vapour away from the body through protective fabric layers and shows the benefits of wearing garments that can better manage metabolic heat.


Protection is at the core of what we stand for and we want to make sure that you're always protected as well as you can possibly be, especially when at work. To help you make the choice of selecting the right chemical splash protection easier, we have provided a reference centre with detailed information to help you understand the materials, designs and standards.


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