Winter and Wet Weather Jackets 4-in-1

Winter and Wet Weather Jackets 4-in-1

The Elliotts Z40 and Z50 Winter/Wet Weather Jackets


Now is the perfect time for you to think about investing in a high-quality work jacket. Elliotts have a whole range of winter and wet weather jackets, and surely you will find one that is exactly what you need to get your work done during even the coldest of mornings.


If you are after some serious bang for your buck, a 4-in-1 jacket might just fit the bill. Elliotts’ Z40 and Z50 jackets are both what we refer to as a ‘true 4-in-1’, as you can wear them as a complete jacket (1), only as the inner winter jacket (2), only the outer shell for rainy weather (3), or simply keep your core warm with the vest (4).

The Z40 Jacket


If you are looking for a standard work jacket, the Z40 4-in-1 jackets are a great Winter/Wet Weather jacket option. These high visibility jackets are waterproof and windproof and feature quilted sleeves and vests, storm cuffs, 3M reflective tape, and a batwing sleeve design that allows for complete arm movement – when your arms go up, your jacket stays down.


Now, the Z40 ticks all of the boxes, but if your role job requires you to be in a Fire Retardant/Anti-Static Jacket, then the Z50 is the jacket you want and need. Though it entails a higher investment, it offers options for various industries and the protection levels required to keep you safe in all wet weather situations and risk levels.



The Z50 Jacket


The Z50 FRAS jacket offers increased hazard-specific protection, developed to address specific FRAS needs and hazards. The Z50 jacket is waterproof, breathable, windproof, flame retardant, and anti-static.



If you need more information to help you choose the perfect Wet Weather Jacket for you, see our range of Wet Weather Clothing. You may also call us on 07 3265 2944 or message us on our Contact Page.