Use Safe Christmas Lights

Use Safe Christmas Lights

Safety Tips for Buying and Managing Christmas Lights


It’s that time of the year when Christmas lights start to pop up all around your neighbourhood. Before you start decorating there are some important safety tips to be aware of, to ensure that your Christmas doesn’t end up in disaster.


Work Safe Queensland has thought of everything when it comes to Christmas light safety. Here is a list of tips for buying, putting up, packing away and managing your Christmas lights this year:

Important Safety Tips


◉   Buy Australian-compliant Christmas lights (do not use lights bought on the internet from overseas).

◉   Look for this logo:


◉   Before using last year's Christmas lights, unravel them and look at the plug, leads and lamp holders to check there are no exposed wires or obvious damage.

◉   Don’t alter or modify lights

◉   Indoor lights should only be used indoors and outdoor lights, outdoors.

◉   Outdoor lighting and equipment are water-proofed and must have a rating of at least IP23 or higher.

◉   Secure outdoor lighting to avoid damage in the many Summer winds and storms (Always turn off outdoor lighting in these conditions).

◉   Ensure that all lights, extension leads, and power boards are suitable for the intended use (eg. Don’t add an additional 4-bay power pack to your 4-bay power pack).

◉   Keep Christmas lights out of reach of children

◉   Always turn off decorative lighting before going to bed or leaving your house.


NOTE:  Check your Christmas lights have insulated pins. Electrical appliances, including Christmas lights sold after 2006 must have insulated pins. If it does not have insulated pins then the Christmas lights do not meet the latest safety requirements. If a fire does occur, you may not be covered by insurance!



If you have some enquiries regarding our safety products and equipment at Elliotts Quality Safety Gear, please let us know. Call us on 07 3265 2944 or message us on our Contact Page.

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