Preventing Fogging in Safety Eyewear

Preventing Fogging in Safety Eyewear

How To Keep Your Safety Eyewear From Fogging


Eye injuries can happen in just a blink and are most common in construction and manufacturing workplaces.


So what should you do, if you’re doing the right thing by wearing protective eyewear, but they just keep fogging up?


Fogging is the main cause of impaired vision, putting workers at risk of even further workplace accidents, and unfortunately is the reason many workers remove their eyewear making them vulnerable to a host of eye injuries.



Causes of Fogging


Fogging is caused when there is a temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the glass lenses. Similar to when you put a glass of cold water outside, and it begins to ‘sweat’. Tight eyewear (like goggles and wrap-around glasses) can restrict the airflow, increasing the heat within the glasses, and hence causing fogging.



Limiting The Fogging Effect


1. Buy Anti-Fog Eyewear

 Choose from a range of protective eyewear that features anti-fog technology, H2X, to block out fog, mist, sweat, and steam. 


2. Try a Different Design

Often, just a simple change in eyewear design makes all the difference. Look for goggles with sufficient ventilation. 


3. Keep Cleaning Wipes Handy

In really humid conditions fogging, keep your vision clear by having eyewear cleaning wipes readily available.


4. Use a Strap

Reduce the chance of workers removing (and losing) their eyewear by ensuring they have them attached to a strap.


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