Para-Aramid Vs. Meta-Aramid Fibres

Para-Aramid Vs. Meta-Aramid Fibres

Difference Between Para-Aramid and Meta-Aramid Fibres


Whilst Para-Aramid and Meta-Aramid fibres are both used in the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), they are used for different products.

Para-Aramid Fibre


Para-Aramid fibres are often used in the production of protective gloves because it has a high tensile strength.  Interestingly, para-aramid can endure the maximum stress more than any other material can. This is because the fibres are created by the dry-jet, wet-spinning method resulting in a fibre with consists of fully extended liquid crystal chains formed along the fibre axis with a high degree of crystallinity which is what increases the fibre’s strength. Para-aramid’s most commonly known product is Kevlar.

Meta-Aramid Fibre


Meta-Aramid is different to para-aramid in that the fibre is usually manufactured by spinning in a chemical solution, known as wet spinning. The result is a semi-crystalline fibre with its molecular chain partially oriented along the axis of the fibre. Meta-aramid is often used in protective clothing for firefighters and other first responders because of its high resistance to temperature, chemical degradation and abrasion. Meta-aramid’s most commonly known product is Nomex.

These two fibres, though very different, have been instrumental in protecting the lives of people all over the world.


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