FR Workwear is Perfect for all Workers and Businesses

FR Workwear is Perfect for all Workers and Businesses

3 Big Advantages of FR Work Clothing to Your Business


It is a common misconception that flame-resistant clothing is only worn by firefighters or in the petroleum industry. It is rather the opposite, flame-resistant clothing is vital to many industries, not just those directly affected by fire. In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss three great things about FR workwear.

1. Provides Employee Safety


FR clothing ensures that workers survive their day with minimal potential for burn injuries. Although this is obvious, it can be easy to become complacent and potentially underestimate risks. Take arc flashes for example. Although workers are aware of an arc flashes’ potential to reach an extremely high temperature, over 2,000 people are sent to burn units each year. This is just one example of the needs for flame-resistant clothing in an industrial setting.



2. Encourages a Safety Culture


FR workwear can be a beacon to maintain safety in the workplace. As such, it is important to maintain a strict FR workwear policy that keeps everyone on task and hyper-aware of the safety risks at hand. Maintaining a culture of safety and encouraging awareness can help provide protection against flash fire and arc flash events.

3. Protects Your Business


At the end of the day, employee safety is critical to any successful business. Not to mention, work-related injuries cost dearly and can damage the business's reputation. Besides the financial and social ramifications, there is no need to gamble on safety and well-being when FR Clothing is so readily available for purchase.


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